September 8, 2015

Getting back into reading

If you were a follower of my previous blog, you will know that I have always been a bookworm. I used to have a widget of recommended reads and kept it updated. I might bring that to this blog - let me know what you think.

I haven't read in a while. I go through phases of totally forgetting about books and then suddenly finding the love for it again. That is what happened last month - I just wanted to read and having also constantly checking out book reviews, it just fueled me with the yearning all over again.

I restarted my reading journey with The White Queen and The Red Queen by Phillippa Gregory. I seem to have a weird fascination with royal British history and will definitely be checking out more of Phillippa Gregory's books. Ever since then, I've just been adding more and more books to my to-read list. I am way overdue reading particular books and need to catch up on those classics I never seem to make time for.

If you love reading and want to check out what I am currently reading, what I have read, whats on my to-read list and see my favourites, please follow me on Goodreads and we can be friends :)

Here are my recent purchases:

I know that these are are all "old" reads, one perhaps more old than the other, but I've wanted to re-read Alice in Wonderland for a while and had to get this pretty Penguin classics version. The other two books... well, I'm just a bit late to the party, I have to admit. Alice in Wonderland has a special place in my heart, it being the one book that reminds me of my childhood and subsequently also my favourite childhood read. Alice in Wonderland also celebrates its 150th anniversary this year and London has really gone all out celebrating. I would have loved to experience the Alice Underground, but tickets are a little steep.

There's a really cool theatre play running on the Curious incident of the dog in the night-time, which looks amazing. Check it out, if you are interested.

I know these photos look rather gloomy, but its a clear depiction of the weather lately. Autumn has arrived for sure. I'm not complaining, since you all know that this is my favourite season. Bring on the crunchy leaves, pumpkin spice, crisp mornings and duvet days with a book and cup of coffee in hand...

Happy reading and please do share your current reads - I am always looking for recommendations.