August 30, 2015

Absolutely Starving! and its coffee

I haven't blogged about cafes or coffee in a while. There has been a serious lack of it on this blog.

Wandering past Absolutely Starving! in London Bridge a couple of weeks back, I thought that next time I'm in the area, I should definitely pop in and try the coffee. Hubby and I are always looking for new cafes, but have lately just been too busy to explore and more often that we'd like, we've found ourselves with the usual Costa or Pret A Manger coffee in our hands.

So yesterday, it being our "day off", we decided to head back to Absolutely Starving!, just because it looked appealing and hey, it was a rainy, gloomy day - perfect for a coffee.

Now this isn't a cafe per se, but rather a deli/delicatessen/grocer/everything. It's mostly popular for its food, as the name suggests. But it not being halal, means we don't have the privilege of eating there. All we wanted to know is, is the coffee decent? I also noticed that they have shelves of books everywhere, large windows with ample seating and all sorts of pastries.

And yes, the cappuccino is actually quite decent. We had a good window seat, something sweet and two bookshelves to keep us occupied, while watching rainy London in all its umbrella glory go by. This could be a new hangout spot for me.

They have a read and return book policy and of course I decided to borrow a book, which means another trip back there soon :)

Hopefully this is the start of getting back into coffee exploring again.

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