April 7, 2015

New home and door handles with paint on them

It has been yonks since I've been here and I do apologise. Life has been a tad busy. But, I'm back now and hope to get back to a more regular blogging schedule.

I'm typing this as I'm sat on a pile of Really Useful Boxes for a chair, in a living room that has no furniture, except the desk I am using. Next to me is a lovely pile of random stuff, needing a place to be, for there is no storage or places for them to go. As you can guess, we have moved. Sadly, its to a flat we're not too happy with and will most likely move again. To explain and to make a long story short, we had to move and had no choice and ended up here. Here is a flat with serious maintenance issues(which I won't get into) and poor work done. A small non-important detail is the way they've painted the doors, leaving paint marks all over the door handles. Oh well, its temporary and I have to remind myself of that constantly.

In the time I've been gone, we've moved and then shortly thereafter been to Cape Town on short notice for my brother-in-law's wedding. I've forgotten just how hot Cape Town can get, and it was a slight shocker, but so familiar when it hit 31 degrees at the end of March. Supposedly the beginning of Autumn, but South Africa has other ideas. If you've ever been to Africa when its hot, you know how intense the African sun can be. We didn't pack enough hot weather clothes, annoyingly, but we survived.

Being home was so lovely - family, friends, hot weather, and amazing halal food everywhere as always. The one thing I love about Cape Town is the availability of every cuisine fully halal(no alcohol whatsoever). I love Italian food, but haven't found any Italian in London. My halal rant is for another day, so I'll stop there.

Photography related - if you haven't seen my breakfast project, head over to my Tumblr, where I've posted a breakfast shot for every day in February.

More posts coming soon...

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