November 3, 2014

Switzerland Part 4: Montreux

Montreux was one of those quiet, quaint little cities. Very few people, not much going on, but a place that is just for relaxing and not doing. Reminded me of Knysna back home for some reason. Similiar vibe... but also obviously French in many ways. Our hotel was literally a 2 minute walk from Lake Geneva, a lake that just blew me away. We were so lucky with the weather, it basically felt like Spring in October.

We took another funicular there, but this time it was a lot steeper. Even though it seems like a gentle incline on my photos, it was anything but. Here's a google image to give you a better indication.

Interestingly, Montreux has a statue of Freddie Mercury. Montreux was a place he decided to settle.

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