October 7, 2014

My In-flight Travel Essentials (for short flights)

Now, I don't take long haul flights very often, but I have been on a fair few short flights. Since I am off to Switzerland for 6 days tomorrow morning, I thought I would share my essentials I like to have with me on the plane. Since it is quite a short flight (about 1hr 50min), you won't be seeing a neck pillow, sleep inducing pills or any of those long haul flight stuff...

For those of you who fall asleep on plane rides, I envy you. I find it hard to fall asleep on any moving vehicle, so these things are what keeps my mind busy and distracted.

Excuse the bad photography. This was all done in a mad rush this morning.

1. My passport of course, and boarding pass. This is for obvious reasons.
2. My phone of course, partly to keep me busy, take photos or listen to music. I have the iPhone 5s.
3. Earphones.I like the over-the-head ones that block out noise. These RZA ones fold in and comes in a handy pouch. This I use to listen to music, watch something on my iPad or just drown out all the aeroplane noise. It all depends on my mood.
4. My iPad Mini of course, for watching some videos, series, or just anything else to keep my mind occupied. Clearly, I need options.
5. A book or magazine or both. Here I have Reclaim your Heart by Yasmin Mogahed and also just a magazine for some mindless reading and browsing.
6. My Anker portable charger for my phone. Doesn't have the most battery power, but it works and it's small and portable.
7. Hard sweets, because this helps with popping ears. I love this mixed variety of mints. Also, any other snacks.

8. My Tisserand roller-ball, in case nerves get the better of me.
9. And finally my lip balm, because that's just not something I can do without. I am currently using the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Lip Protectant.

Another two essentials for me, would be any sort of comfortable slip-on shoes which are easy to take off at security and a bottle of water to keep hydrated. Although, this applies to all flights, not only short ones, and hence didn't include any photos of those. If you would like any other travel essentials post, such as my long haul flight essentials, or travel beauty essentials, etc., please do let me know. Look out for Swiss photos next :)

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