September 24, 2014

My afternoon tea

I have this thing where, I like to have some sort of herbal tea in the afternoons. Not ever in the mornings, hardly ever at night(sometimes chamomile for relaxing), but always in the afternoon.

Mornings, coffee of course. Afternoons, herbal tea. Evenings after my meal, ceylon tea with milk. I feel like that's weird, but that's me - a creature of habit.

My current favourite afternoon tea is green tea with jasmine. I already love green tea, but the jasmine makes such a difference. Its the only tea I can have without adding any sort of sweetness to it. If I do, I usually add some honey. This Heath and Heather one, is the only brand I've tried so far, but because I'm curious, I'll probably try a different brand of green tea and jasmine next time.

I'm so ready for Autumn.. can't wait for everyday to be red, brown and gold.

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