August 26, 2014

London Coffee: The Antishop

What's there to say about The Antishop, except that they're just really cool. They're a small coffee shop and deli in Brick Lane that do amazing things and you as the customer can be a part of it.

They promote young design by decorating the coffee shop with student design pieces and change it up regularly, hence the coffee shop decor changes regularly. Everything is handmade, from the sandwiches to the chairs you sit on.

They're also all about charity. Everyday they have a different charity special which you can buy, whereby the profits go to Action Against Hunger. What's even better you can go in-store or online and also give whatever you'd like to a homeless person, whether that's a coffee or a piece of furniture.

It's all very wholesome over there and they do make a decent cappuccino.

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