May 26, 2014

Rome Part 4

The last of my Rome posts... and a mish mash of photos.
As I said before 3 days was not enough. I could have spent at least another day there, wandering around admiring the old architecture and fitting in another visit to Giolitti or Tazza D'Oro of course.

I must say it was fun watching my husband try coffee the Italian way, which if you don't know is espresso for breakfast. Coffee shops rarely have seating, it's just a bar where you order your espresso and rinse with water all at the bar. Hubby did well I think, in fact he loved it. I'm not much of an espresso drinker. I stuck with cappuccinos. Cappuccinos are more traditionally drunk after lunch time. As you can imagine, they're not big on mugs. All their mugs/cups are tiny because, they do not drink coffee the way we do :) Franchise coffee doesn't exist... umm no guesses as to why they never took off right? Almost every cup of coffee we've had there, was amazing and we don't take coffee lightly. We almost wanted to buy bags of coffee to be honest. Not sure why we didn't.

As for ice-cream or in Italian, gelato... probably the best ice-cream I have ever tasted in my life and that is not an exaggeration. 

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