May 22, 2014

Rome Part 2: Baths of Caraculla

The Baths of Caraculla was definitely one of my favourite ruins to see, alongside the Colosseum. 

As I said before, everything in Rome seemed to be built on a large scale. These baths, or rather it was more of a leisure centre, was absolutely huge. I could almost imagine how majestic and white it must have looked back in the past and how lavishly it must have been decorated. It had swimming areas, a gym and saunas, amongst other things. I couldn't even imagine what it must have been like to bathe in such a grand place. Not to mention, it was most likely decorated with sculptures and fancy ornaments everywhere. Oh, how times have changed...

Apparently Emporer Caraculla had these built to bring unity among the Romans, but also as was most common of Emporers at the time, to have the Romans favour him. 

These ruins were actually further destroyed by an earthquake in 2009. Have a read here, for more information.

I would say this is a must-see for those of you planning to visit Rome. 

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