May 20, 2014

Rome Part 1

A week later after France and we were off to Rome for three days. First off, someone should have told us that three days is not enough for Rome. There was so much to see and I'm guessing four days would be just about the minimum to see everything fully and comfortably. I wouldn't have minded an extra day... mostly we were rushing around, tiring ourselves out in the heat, in hopes of seeing as much as we could for the time we had.

Secondly, I don't really know what to say about Rome. The city literally astounded me at some point. Weirdly it was nothing I expected it to be, but also it was everything I ever heard it to be and more. I can't describe my stay in any other way. 

Let me explain: I expected a European city, a densely populated city, a city with really old ruins, amazing architecture, art, culture and I expected to enjoy exploring it and trying the "amazing" coffee and ice-cream that everyone talks about. What I experienced was the overwhelming realisation that I was standing in one of the oldest cities in the world, which I completely forgot about in the midst of my excitement and it hit me rather suddenly while at the Colosseum.. standing in the very place where slaves had died/fought their way to freedom as gladiators at the hand of emporers. Seeing ruins that are still standing from lifetimes ago, as if we're all just observing life as it used to be, seemed unreal, but also eery. So much Rome history that I've read of before, never seemed real until I was there. 

The ruins were humongous, even bigger than I ever thought they would be. In Paris, the Eiffel Tower was smaller than I thought. in London, the Big Ben? Actually Small Ben ... but Rome on the other hand, awe-inspiring huge. A display of the wealth that Rome once had.

I have no words, except you have to see it for yourself.

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