May 6, 2014

Côte d'Azur Part 2 and my thoughts on travelling

Apart from sharing some more photos of France, I thought I would share my two cents on travelling and seeing the world.

I've noticed, having spoken to others who have travelled or continue to travel, that I've noticed common themes among what people take from the places they have visited. More often than not, people would mention how they would or would not live there, based on various reasons. They would mention how they just didn't like the culture of the people, or how they loved the people, whether these people were friendly or not. Weather is a common theme of course. No-one likes bad weather.

All of these things are natural and quite common observations, including food and transport. All of these things are also, quite relative, aren't they? Relative to who you are as a person and relative to what you are used to, your expectations or where you lived for most of your life. And, a lot of times, people base how much they've enjoyed their trip, on these factors. This can give quite a skewed impression on a city or place, especially if you were only there for a very short period of time. But for some reason, people often feel the need for enjoyment of a place and look for certain things which might not ever have been there.

I say all this because, if I wanted to purely enjoy myself, I would pick the appropriate place and it would be a vacation, so to say. If I wanted to choose a new country to live, I would research beforehand. On the other hand, travelling and seeing the world means something entirely different to me. It literally means, seeing the world. The good and the bad. Seeing it and experiencing it all. Whether that be, amazing weather or bad, friendly people or not, charm or no charm, rich or poor, religious or non-religious... it's all fascinating to me. It's different, it's interesting and it tickles my brain. It's also about being grateful that I am able to travel right now and that is my mindset when I am abroad.

Next time you visit a new place, keep an open mind that everything might be completely different, not necessarily enjoyable and not everyone will be as friendly as you are used to. But... enjoy the experience of seeing a completely different world to your own. See the fascinating and find joy in the little things. You might not have that chance again.

So, enough of that. Here are some more Côte d'Azur photos for you and turquoise water eye-candy. I love that Nice airport runways are on the coast and you can watch as the planes land and take off...

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