March 31, 2014

A Walk in the park

Spring is officially here, even though I'm typing this wearing a woolly cardigan. Yes, Spring in London is vastly different to that in Cape Town, but it's warmer weather and I'm happy. Winter came and went. It was all a blur, really. I do remember my coats and boots, but that's a standard uniform for London, so it doesn't count.. No snow. No snow. Very disappointing, since I do love the snow, when everything looks clean and white and sparkly.

But, now we're here. Spring is a bloom and this usually calls for walks and picnics in the park. Last week Sunday, the hubby and I took a walk in our nearby park and I was a little obsessed with how the sun made the lake sparkle.

March 11, 2014

Streets of London: Camden Town

The craziness of Camden Town. A place packed with mainly the young and hip. Diversity and vibrant atmosphere. Live music, food and drink, art, markets, fashion and more. Way too crowded for my liking, but definitely a place to experience.