February 4, 2014

Streets of London: Puma Court E1

So I'm still in the same area and I think I will stick to it for now. I failed to mention that Bull's Head Passage is in East London, for those of you not familiar with London. E3 to be exact. Puma Court is two post codes away in E1(pretty much a 10 minute walk) and one of those alleys you just happen to stumble across. Easy to miss, somewhere hidden among London's typical old buildings, opposite the charming Spitalfields market and providing a quick escape between the old and new.

On the one end of the lane, you step into old architecture and the funky roads of Princelet Street and on the other end, you walk into the modern London with Spitalfields market and the more corporate side of East London. It's a short, but well used little lane. It has charming old lamp posts, face brick buildings, an old Victorian almshouse and yesteryear windows with vintage crockery. Not to mention creepers on the walls, dirtbags on the ground, an old telephone booth, and thriving modern businesses.

I know I'm doing random pathways, alleys and streets, but don't worry, the more famous roads of London will be coming up :)

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