February 27, 2014

Back of the Wardrobe: Sophie Moore of The Folly Boutique

Sophie Moore from The Folly Boutique was Emma's next project. She wanted to be styled by Emma, as she considers her style quite plain and casual. She does however, usually make a statement with her jewellery and surely, she does love her jewellery.

Sophie is an entrepreneur who had a rather ingenious idea of opening a jewellery rental business. Not just any jewellery rental service, but amazing designer pieces at a low cost. As a customer, all you have to do, is choose your piece, pay a small hiring fee and your jewellery arrives in the post ready for you to style for your fancy occasion, or whatever you might want to wear it for. Once done, you send it back and then possibly choose your next piece to hire. The jewellery is also available for purchase, on the off chance you fall in love with something. Let's just say, Sophie has the privilege of jewellery eye-candy every single day. Fun, right?

She wanted to understand how to wear her clothes better in a way that is flattering, which we all know is Emma's forte. Emma did a great job in bringing out the best of Sophie's body and personality with her clothing and amazing range of accessories, as you will see below in the before and after shots.

It was clear however, that Sophie has great taste and this was reflected not only in her existing wardrobe, but also her amazingly decorated home. I particularly loved her office and her shoe storage, which happens to be an old steel locker.

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  1. These shots are fantastic...

    The jewelry for hire idea is groundbreaking... too bad it won't work here in SA (recently rated the #1 country in corruption and fraud by PwC) :/