January 1, 2014

Rather late than never

I know everyone says this, but how is it already 2014? Seems like yesterday when everyone was so freaked out about the year 2000. As they say, time waits for no man.

My NYE was spent indoors at home, pretty much doing nothing. We now tend to avoid central London, as it is, to put it lightly, a little crazy out there. Apparently there were about 100 arrests last night. Not unusual, I must say. Poor 999 must have had a hectic night, to say the least. So, we watch the fireworks on BBC's Youtube channel the next morning. If you've never seen the splendour of London's New Year's fireworks, do yourself a favour and a have a look online. I promise it won't be a wasted 11 minutes, unless of course fireworks is not your thing.

To paint a picture of my NYE, there was Scrabble, TV, tea, chocolates and Pringles. Oh and shut eye before 1am. We must be getting old.

Never mind us, I wish all of you a Happy New Year. I hope it's a good year and one in which you try your best to fulfill your personal goals. Also, a big thank you to those who read my blog and comment, even if it be but a few. It means so much to me. 2013 was a good year, a year in which I learnt a lot about myself, what I am capable of, how quickly our lives can change and just how important family relationships are. Let's hope 2014 will be even better.

Here are three shots I took of the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park on Monday evening. And no, I'm not hiding behind the bushes, even if it may seem so.

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