January 27, 2014

Coffee and informal portraits

When you meet up for coffee with someone who loves photography as much as you do, its not unusual to spend most of your time taking photos, instead of relaxing with your coffee. The thing is though, it is relaxing, for us anyway. Usually, when having coffee with my husband or anyone else who is not into photography, I have to hold back and pretend that I'm not mostly itching to take photos of everything around me. Or its just awkward and people start shying away when I whip out my camera infront of them.

What's even better is when you're having coffee with someone that's not only into photography, but does it professionally. It then really becomes more about photography than coffee. The only time when coffee takes a back seat. For me, anyway. So when my friend, who is a professional wedding photographer agreed to meet up with me at The Counter Cafe and have me take informal portraits of her, I did a little dance in my head, imagining the fun we would have. And we did have fun..

We took turns shooting each other, shooting coffee like coffee paparazzi and not one bit worried about the weird stares people were giving us, because as photographers, its something you tend to get used to.

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