January 7, 2014

London Coffee: Climpson & Sons

My husband and I have been trawling London for good coffee spots. Every now and again we make a point of trying a new coffee shop and we have found some gems here and there. One of them being Timberyard, which was one of the best we've tried thus far. I need to make a point of blogging about them soon.

Climpson & Sons in Broadway Market, East London is a tiny little cafe, but ever so popular. The lack of seating does not by any means discourage customers. They will gladly queue outside, if they must. Everyone thinks that the English love queueing. I don't think they love it, they're just used to having to do it. London is one congested place. You have to queue at some point! 

Back to the coffee. As expected, good cappuccinos. Just don't expect to find seating on a weekend. 

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