December 16, 2014

Christmas lights 2014

I took these about a month ago, when the Christmas lights in Regents Street were first switched on. There was a small "switching on" ceremony with a few singers too, but we missed that. We usually stay away from crowdy situations. Ironic, because there are hardly any non-crowdy situations in London, but you know what I mean.

For all those celebrating, have a great Christmas with your loved ones. For those not celebrating, enjoy the holiday season and festivities. I personally just love watching all the old Christmas movies at this time of the year. Huge Love Actually fan here :)

December 3, 2014

30 Day Photography Challenge Day 30: Self Portrait

My last day... I've managed to complete this challenge and it was so much fun. I would recommend any person that loves photography or even pros, to do this. There are so many challenges out there, so just pick one and go with it. Here is the link to the 30 Day Photography Challenge that I used if you care to do the same one. I hope to do something a bit more challenging next time.

Here's a scary self portrait.

December 1, 2014

November 30, 2014

30 Day Photography Challenge Day 27: Celebration

I don't celebrate Christmas, but no-one can deny how pretty the decorations are. Holiday season this side is definitely more festive and traditional than anything back home. Probably because its actually Winter this side :)

November 29, 2014

30 Day Photography Challenge Day 26: Close up

Since I cannot do close-ups with the lens I have, I decided to take a macro shot with my iPhone and the Olloclip macro attachment. This is sugar on a teaspoon.

November 28, 2014

30 Day Photography Challenge Day 25: Strangers

I only noticed during post-processing, that the guy walking towards me has a camera in his hand and is looking straight at me. I won't be surprised if he was wondering what I was shooting. That's usually what goes through my mind when I see another photographer snapping away.

November 23, 2014

30 Day Photography Challenge Day 20: In my bag

I thought I would share what is in my camera bag. I have the Kelly Moore 2 Sues bag in grey, because it doesn't look like a camera bag and I like to be inconspicuous. Plus, I like to have my camera with me most of the time, and this doubles up as my everyday bag as well.

Besides all the usual stuff like tissues, lip balm, wallet, portable phone charger, etc., this is what you will find in my bag if I am carrying my camera with me. 

1. My camera of course. I have a 50mm lens on there. I currently don't carry any other lenses with me, but there is space for two lenses in this bag.
2. My phone, which doubles as my second camera.
3. Extra memory cards, just in case, even though I already have two cards in my camera at all times.
4. My Olloclip 4-in-1 lens for my iPhone 5s.
5. Lens pen cleaner. 
6. Not pictured above, my iPad mini, for which there is also a handy compartment for in this bag. I only carry it if I'll need it of course. Otherwise this bag will start to get really heavy.

If I'm on a job, I would also bring my flash and possibly my tripod and reflector, depending on what I'll be doing. And I almost always carry a snack with me, because I get headaches if I don't eat.

November 20, 2014

30 Day Photography Challenge Day 17: Technology

Below are all the "stuff" I use at home everyday and some of them out and about of course. The only things I use that are not shown, is my camera and everything related to it. I don't use the left monitor all that much, but I almost always use the big 23' on the right. Can you see I favour black? Not sure why honestly.

Pretty much average for today's life right? Also, how did I ever survive without the internet before?
I often think about how technology has evolved over time and experiencing it in the first world, I've seen so many futuristic stuff that actually works. It's crazy, wonderful and scary all at the same time.

The other things missing from this photo, are my husband's phone(s), tablet and the PC right next to the desk you see here.

November 19, 2014

30 Day Photography Challenge Day 16: A good habit

One of my better habits is that I am constantly tidying up. When I'm home, most of the time you'll find me putting things away, decluttering, straightening things.. almost by reflex. My brain cannot function when there is clutter everywhere. I get highly agitated and restless.

I'm by no means obsessive about it and when I'm super busy, things are all over the place, but I love neatness. After this blog post I'm probably going to sort out my cosmetics drawer and organize everything.

November 17, 2014

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

On a brighter note and better photography.. some recent photos I took from the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

30 Day Photography Challenge Day 14: Eyes

Oh dear, the worst photo I've taken so far and the closest I'll get to getting both my eyes in focus, even though they're not. Had to take this using artifical light as I was only able to take this when it was already dark.

November 16, 2014

30 Day Photography Challenge Day 13: Cannot live without

Obviously, I can't live without Allah SWT (God), but I'm assuming this isn't a literal phrase. There's very little us humans need in order to live, so this is more of a dramatic first world exaggerated "I can't live without my ___ "...

For me, its coffee. I can't remember when last I didn't start my day with coffee. Coffee makes my day just that little bit better, no matter how bad the day or moment. Need a break? have a cup of coffee. Feeling cold? cup of coffee. Someone annoyed you? have a coffee...

November 13, 2014

30 Day Photography Challenge Day 10 : Childhood Memory

It being almost Winter, any sort of woolly, knitted item reminds me of my childhood, because my mother was an avid knitter and used to knit us jerseys (sweaters/jumpers), hats, scarves and gloves. She even knitted us soft toys.. she could read any knitting pattern with ease.

The dark grey scarf on the left, which I mentioned in a previous post, she knitted a few years ago and its perfect for the UK weather.

November 11, 2014

30 Day Photography Challenge Day 8: Routine

Cereal and cold milk... pretty much everyday... for the last, oh plus minus 19 years?
Occasionally substituted for granola and yoghurt.

November 10, 2014

30 Day Photography Challenge Day 7: Changes to come

Autumn is always a reminder that everything is always changing. Nothing in this world lasts forever - good or bad.

November 9, 2014

30 Day Photography Challenge Day 6: Obsession

This was a difficult one, as I just couldn't think of anything I'm truly obsessed with. What I have here, is a slight obsession. Beauty has always been something important to me.. probably since the age of about 19. I'm not sure why/how, but it has and always will be a part of me. Besides it being an expression of yourself, I think it's also an art and a science. Oh and not to mention, a virtue to care about your appearance.

I'm nowhere close to other beauty "gurus" out there. If anything, I'm quite minimal in comparison, but I think I know more than I probably need to.

November 7, 2014

30 Day Photography Challenge Day 4: Something green

Its getting rather chilly this side. Coats, boots and knits from now onwards. Its officially sweater/jersey/jumper weather, depending where you're from.

Nothing more warming and cosy than a cup of tea on a cold, windy day. My usual afternoon choice and my "something green", is a cup of green tea with jasmine, which I mentioned in a previous post.
That was my last teabag. Time to stock up on tea.

Switzerland Part 6: Funiculars and mountains

Ok, I know I'm posting so many photos of Switzerland. I swear this might be my last one. Although I might post a couple of chocolate photos as well, since we went to a chocolate factory whilst there. I haven't quite decided.

Here are some more funiculars and scenery that I wish I could go back to.