October 11, 2013

Amsterdam Part 4: Coffee Bru

I'm still not done with Amsterdam posts. Expect another 2 maybe after this one?

One of the coffee shops that I really wanted to try, was Coffee Bru, mainly because of the name. In my mind, it had to have some connection with South Africa, given the name :)  And I was right. During a friendly chat with the baristas and thanking them for the lovely breakfast and coffee, I asked them if there was a connection and apparently the owner lived in South Africa for a while, before opening the shop. It's such a clever name, I love it. Plus, the decor was appropriately African themed.

One thing I thoroughly enjoyed about Amsterdam, is being able to understand most of the Dutch words everywhere, it being so similiar to Afrikaans. So, reading menus was absolutely no big deal at all. Having deciphered the Dutch menu, I had granola with yoghurt, dates and figs. This came with seperate honey and "gembersiroop" i.e, ginger syrup. Never would I have thought to pair dates with natural yoghurt, but oh my goodness - so delicious with honey drizzled on top.

Husband loves his croissants with butter and jam, so that's what he had plus we had a pain au chocolat which we shared. We had cappuccinos (the usual), which was really good. I definitely rate it and would recommend their coffee any day.

What I loved about this place, besides the coffee and food, was the fact that its quite roomy with lots of available seats, a dedicated kiddie area and hooks for your coats. It's not in the busiest part of the city, so its fairly quiet. It also has outdoor seating and obviously free wifi.

Can I just say Amsterdammers are the nicest people ever? Seriously, so friendly and accommodating. Coffee Bru was no different - the staff were lovely.

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