September 27, 2013

Amsterdam Part 3: Village Bagels

For us, no trip is complete without scouting for good coffee. I did a little research before we left and made a list of all the coffee shops we wanted to try, as we didn't want to waste precious Amsterdam time aimlessly walking around to find coffee shops. Especially since we were only there for 3 days.

Our first stop was Village Bagels, which was, surprisingly not on our list of coffee shops to try. I walked by it the first day and made a mental note to try it the next day. It was a cute little corner coffee shop and having a painted sign outside that said "Bagel and Espresso Bar", I mean, how could I not be tempted to want to try it. 

Even though the coffee was good, I wouldn't rate it top notch. My benchmark for trying a new coffee shop is a cappuccino, so that's what I had. My husband was feeling a little under the weather and had a Rooibos with Thyme tea. Rooibos! Always important for us South Africans. 

The bagels on the other hand - oh my! - so delicious. My husband went for the classic salmon and cream cheese and I went for the sundried tomato and cream cheese combination. Bagel heaven, for sure.

So if you're ever in Amsterdam and looking for a good cup of coffee and a bagel, I would definitely recommend Village Bagels any day. It's also nicely located - just outside of the hustle and bustle, but also right next to one of the canals.

Oh and hello from me in the reflection :)


  1. Gosh your posts make me so nostalgic (and a little depressed - but its all good ;D). I miss Amsterdam a lot, and England even more. And now I have an unfounded craving for bagels ;)

    1. :) I will surely also miss all these places once I'm back home one day. Then I've still got all these photos to make it worse lol