August 20, 2013

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens is crazy beautiful.. almost heavenly.

I wish I was able to capture the Amazonian-looking humongous plants and bees that looked like soft toys - huge, bright yellow and black furry bees. There's no better way to describe some of what I saw there, than out of this world. If you look closely, you'll see bees in the very last shot, unfortunately I did not get a close-up.

Here are just a few of the shots I took, none of which capture the beauty as I saw it.


  1. What a gorgeous summer the UK is having! I can't believe it. I'm envious only because I wish I was there too :) Beautiful - as always.

    1. It is seriously hot! I think summer has finally returned to London after many years :)

  2. I enjoyed my visit to this royal garden. Want to have one more visit by next month. every time I am travelling by a London minicab .Suggest some easy way from Croydon.