August 29, 2013

Back of the Wardobe: Styling African prints

This time, Emma showed us all how to style African prints. I was really looking forward to seeing her take on this, being African myself.  In all honesty, I think Emma's tips would be so handy back in South Africa, as I noticed most of us back home, hardly wear our lovely African prints, even though they seem to be on every street corner. I guess we just have no clue how to wear it. I've only ever owned one african print skirt, which I loved. Sad, really.

Emma did a great job on mixing African prints with western styles. I must say the looks were funky and rather wearable.

Here are a few the shots I took. See the rest of the photos and Emma's tips on how to pull it all together at


  1. Cool to see some of our fashion making it onto the streets of London. I used to feel so proud of it - even if it wasnt my style or thing. Hope you're well :)

    1. Thanks Azra :) it is quite cool. Most of these are Ghanian though and it was fun meeting some fellow africans.