April 21, 2013

Pont des Arts "Lover's Bridge"

My husband and I, are not into the cheesy romantic stuff. We don't do anything on Valentine's day. It's pretty much just a normal day to us. The cheesiest we get, is probably him buying me roses at times, but I don't consider that cheesy because, I just really like flowers. Also, we like going out together and doing things together as a couple, which also, in my opinion is not anything cheesy or romantic. We just like spending time together. What we are though, is a silly couple. We love being silly together and doing silly things for a laugh or just to be funny.

So, deciding to buy a lock for Paris' lover's bridge, felt like the cheesiest, mushiest thing we've ever done, but we did it. I thought it was cool, he thought so too. We're not quite sure why. We knew we would have a laugh locking it to the bridge, and made jokes about finding each other there, if somehow seperated when the world would be falling apart, and embracing like some epic movie scene. Yes, we make up silly things and laugh like children. That's us.

If you don't know about the lover's bridge, its a bridge called the Pont Des Arts, which run over the Seine, basically leading to the Louvre. For the past few years, couples have been attaching padlocks with their names on it, to the fence or railing and then throwing the keys into the river as a sign of their eternal love for each other. Read up on it on Google, if you wish.

I'll tell you this much: I did not expect that much locks on the bridge! My goodness. All the brass was blinding. We attached our padlock and threw a key in the river and thought it hilarious. Maybe now we're officially a mushy couple, I don't know..


  1. Oh gosh. I missed this bridge completely on my list of things to see in Paris. But now I have a reason to go back lol. I felt Paris to be trully romantic....there's just something in the air that makes you want to be cheesy lol. Definitely want to go back.

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