April 29, 2013

From above the Arc de Triomphe

Ok, so I nearly died walking up the all the stairs of the Arc de Triomph. It is about 49m high, and it is stairs all the way up. I don't think its worth 8 Euros, climbing all the way up, but its Paris and this is how they cash in. I must say the view is amazing, not worth the money, but definitely a great view. I can only imagine how gorgeous it is at golden hour, or even at night. A photographer's dream, surely.

I didn't take much photos, but I thought the Champs-Élysées looked so pretty from above. The two black and white Eiffel Tower shots from my "A Rainy Paris" post, were also taken from there.

April 23, 2013

Ladurée Macarons

Having seen the famous macaron shop, Ladurée in Paris, I then remembered just how much I love macarons. My first time eating a macaron, was back in 2010, ironically in the same month. i.e April, when I took this shot. That photo was taken in Cape Town at Myatts Chocolatier at the V&A Waterfront. Yes, it was just a miniature, but I loved it. Sadly, we never purchased any in Paris, because we just didn't want to spend the money on it, with Paris being so expensive in general. 

As a side note, I learnt that macarons and macaroons are two different things. Macarons being what I'm talking about in this post and macaroons, being the sweet coconut treat.

Anyhow, luckily for me, London has its own Ladurée shop. Three, in fact. So this past weekend, we headed off to the branch in Covent Garden. The little shop is so pretty, I could have taken photos there for hours, but there were too many customers behind me waiting to order in a very small space, so that wasn't an option. I might have annoyed someone, whipping my lens out in strange stances. Whatever you do with your camera, don't annoy people with it. Just saying.

Ladurée's macarons look mouth-watering and they have all sorts of packaging, but I adore the "plain" old, non-fancy box, which I ordered, as it is just as fancy in my opinion.

Macarons just look so good on camera and obviously, I also had to do the classic macaron stack shot. 

April 21, 2013

Pont des Arts "Lover's Bridge"

My husband and I, are not into the cheesy romantic stuff. We don't do anything on Valentine's day. It's pretty much just a normal day to us. The cheesiest we get, is probably him buying me roses at times, but I don't consider that cheesy because, I just really like flowers. Also, we like going out together and doing things together as a couple, which also, in my opinion is not anything cheesy or romantic. We just like spending time together. What we are though, is a silly couple. We love being silly together and doing silly things for a laugh or just to be funny.

So, deciding to buy a lock for Paris' lover's bridge, felt like the cheesiest, mushiest thing we've ever done, but we did it. I thought it was cool, he thought so too. We're not quite sure why. We knew we would have a laugh locking it to the bridge, and made jokes about finding each other there, if somehow seperated when the world would be falling apart, and embracing like some epic movie scene. Yes, we make up silly things and laugh like children. That's us.

If you don't know about the lover's bridge, its a bridge called the Pont Des Arts, which run over the Seine, basically leading to the Louvre. For the past few years, couples have been attaching padlocks with their names on it, to the fence or railing and then throwing the keys into the river as a sign of their eternal love for each other. Read up on it on Google, if you wish.

I'll tell you this much: I did not expect that much locks on the bridge! My goodness. All the brass was blinding. We attached our padlock and threw a key in the river and thought it hilarious. Maybe now we're officially a mushy couple, I don't know..

April 16, 2013

A rainy Paris

I've been M.I.A for a while, but I am back now, so hopefully you will be seeing lots of new posts coming up. In that time, I visited Paris with my husband, for 3 days. A trip we booked ages ago, in the hopes that since it would be April, we would have lovely Spring weather. Obviously, we were naive when it came to Europe's weather. Actually, we were naive with regards to London's weather too. As most of you know by now, Europe and the UK and most of the northern hemisphere (for those of us really high up north) has had a wintery Spring. Not a chilly Spring, I'm talking rain and snow. Icy, coat weather and snow flurries. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what you call the results of global warming.

Not to sound miserable, it's just that we were hoping for at least a little bit of Spring weather. Holy moly, Paris was in fact even colder than London! The rain hindered us a little. As you might know, the best way to see Paris is on foot, but many a time, we chose the Metro, due to being drenched or just plain cold. I missed quite a few shots I wanted to take, out of seeking warmth and coffee (such a wimp I am), but I managed a few.

Despite the rain and drenched socks, I absolutely loved Paris. It was kind of exactly how I imagined it to be: charming, beautiful and romantic. We want to go back now, even if just for a day to see everything we didn't get to.

Here's the first few shots I want to share. The majestic Eiffel Tower. I captured the twinkly lights that go on for five minutes in the early evening, but since I didn't have my tripod with me and had to use a wall to steady my camera, it wasn't as sharp as I would have liked and so decided not to share that with you.

Some might say, the cold makes it more romantic in Paris. What would you say?