January 23, 2013

Winter Accessories

So, oddly enough, being a South African in London, I actually find the Winter here a lot easier to cope with. In fact, I prefer the Winters in the UK, as opposed to Cape Town. On my recent visit back home, my family found that to be oddest thing ever, but it's not as strange as you might think.

Here's the thing: Even though temperatures can plunge below zero here, its... manageable. Central heating makes a bigger difference than I ever thought it would. The only time you really feel the cold, is the 5 minute walk to the tube station/bus stop/supermarket etc. Other than that, you're warm. Whereas, in Cape Town, where central heating is not the norm, you wake up cold and you go to bed cold, dragging the heater from room to room. Also, Cape Town has really violent storms, with rain coming from every direction, leaving you drenched. Not to mention gale force winds! The kind that knocks trucks over. Over here, well, its icy, that's it. No violent storms, no wind, just snow and pitter patter rain. Perfect.

I was told that I would need to learn to layer my clothing in the UK, because of central heating, but honestly, I dressed that way in CT, simply because I hated being too warm. I get claustrophic tendencies, if I wear anything that's too thick or restrictive. So often, I'll wear a few layers and if need be, remove one or two when too warm.

So let me chat about 3 of my favourite accessories to wear in Winter. First, a scarf that my mother knitted for me, about 8 years ago (I think). I never wore it back home, it was just way too thick, chunky and long, but it's perfect for London. It's ironic, because almost all scarves in the UK, kind of looks like this :)

I have many scarves, but this remains one of my favourites and not only for its sentimental value.

Next, my wrist warmers. I am not a huge fan of gloves, regardless of my hands being ice blocks half the time. I hate the feeling of not being able to use my hands, so I tend to wear wrist warmers more often. It covers half my hand and goes up to my forearm. And, for someone like me, who tends to whip out a camera at any random moment, my fingers are still usable :)

Lastly, another something I brought from South Africa - my brown leather boots with fur on the inside. Another item which was way too warm for Cape Town weather. Trust me when I say this. The fur is warm! You can pretty much find any kind of boot you dream of in the UK at low prices (due to it being an essential).. and I have a few now, but this is still one of my favourites.

What's your favourite winter accessories?


  1. Don't you look super comfy? :) I love UK winters - actually, I LOVE European winters and you're 100% right, they're much better to cope with than here. Must be the chronic central heating.

    1. I know and I'm a lot colder back home too!.. homes are so cold in CT. I haven't experienced any other European winter yet. Any suggestions? :)