January 22, 2013

Falling snow in London?

Yes, snow has actually been falling in London... during the DAY! This is a rare thing for London. London and most of the south of England, does not get much snow in the Winter. Usually, it falls overnight and Londoners wake up to find a blanket of snow outside and most of the time its not too thick either. The snow on the ground, usually doesn't last very long, because the weather is just not cold enough and within a week, it's already melted.

Well, this year, London actually had falling snow for 2 days straight, during the day and 3 days later, it still hasn't melted :) This gave me plenty opportunity to take some shots.

Here are some of my neighbourhood, while walking to and from the supermarket, 2 days ago.

And then, walking back, it started to get dark, hence the blue-ish tinge.

I had to take a pic of this car...

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