January 7, 2013

A bit of an Adobe rant and some pastries

Before I start venting about Adobe, I do hope the new year has started well for you. I love how we all use the beginning of the year as a way to start new resolutions. I think its a handy psychological tool :) I too, have my "resolutions". One of them being, to improve my photography and shoot more often.

Speaking of which (cue: rant), I have weirdly started having colour issues with Adobe Bridge CS5 and Camera Raw 6.7. At first, the colours in ACR seemed duller, as if I lowered saturation, as compared to the Bridge preview. I was completely baffled and checked everything from preferences to colour profiles, changed a few settings (perhaps also incorrectly), but nothing changed it. I then reset everything back to its defaults and started researching this online. One suggestion, was to reset Bridge preferences. I did this, even purged its cache and yes, there are now no differences between the Bridge preview and how it appears in ACR... BUT.. now both Bridge and Raw are showing a duller version of my photos. I am so frustrated.

Granted, I do know that Bridge shows the in-camera embedded jpeg preview and RAW actually builds a new preview using the raw data from the photo. So, it might not match up completely, but the difference I have is quite huge. The histograms are not even remotely similiar. .. ??

I have now resorted to using ViewNX and converting to TIFF and then using Photoshop, so that the colours are preserved. Most times, I don't do much editing anyway, except histogram fixing (such as the pics below), but you know, sometimes I want to add actions too. A little annoyed, but I will stop ranting now.

If any of you, more experienced photographers can help me, I will be forever grateful!

Anyway, on to photos of course. Sometimes, I just want to take shots of food... Hubby and I love something sweet at night with a cup of tea or coffee and because we pretty much do this a few times a week, buying treats can get a bit pricey. I mostly make sweet things myself now, but I must admit I'm not a fan of baking - too messy. So, I went the easy route and filled some puff pastry squares with homemade custard and then drizzled some icing sugar over top. Simple, but it did the trick.


  1. I wish you and hubby would adopt me so that I could have yummy treats at night too :P I'm adding your blog under my "Department of Arts and Culture" :)

    1. LOL! well done for even getting that far down my blog post.. Department of Arts and Culture? I'm honoured, although it sounds too fancy for someone like me :P

  2. This is such a delicious post!!! I'm suddenly craving some pastry :D

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