December 18, 2013

Winter walks

There's something I love about morning walks in the park, during Winter. Crisp air, a little bit of mist and a few random strangers walking their dogs or cyclists, just cycling by. Quiet, but not too quiet. An accompanying warm cup of coffee, thick woollen scarves and boots... pretty much the standard accessories.

Parks in London are beautiful, no matter the time of year. At the moment, the last of the leaves are falling and the trees are almost bare. The only remnants left of Autumn, are the sad brown leaves piling up on the grass.

December 17, 2013

December 3, 2013

Zain Bhikha at the Global Peace and Unity Event

Ghosia from Damask Photography was kind enough to ask me to work with her on shooting Zain Bhikha at the Global Peace and Unity event, held at the Excel Centre here in London. Zain is currently working on a documentary for his 20th anniversary of his career as a nasheed singer and needed some photos as well as footage of what the public as well as fellow singers thought about his music and how it has influenced people in general. Ghosia filmed the performance and interviews, while I was given the task of taking photos.

As Zain is a fellow South African, I was really looking forward to meeting him and also getting to know more about his singing. I've heard of his singing, but had no idea just how popular his music is here in the UK. Young kids know all his songs off by heart and almost every single person attending the show seemed to be his fan.

Being a Muslim from Cape Town, Capetonians are generally not into nasheeds. Its something we listen to, but its not hugely popular as it is in other parts of the country. I haven't figured out why this is, but I don't know many Capetonians who know nasheeds off by heart. It's definitely gaining popularity now, slowly but surely, and I do hope Zain will be amongst the popular very soon.

His music, as quoted by many fans, is quite "peaceful" and "inspiring". And I have to agree. It appeals to all ages and for young Muslim children, I think this is a good way for them to remember their Creator. What kid doesn't love music? Zain loves working with kids, and in this way, I think his music will always stay popular and current. If not that, then his kind, grounded personality, will keep him loved in this industry. For someone with so much fame, his managed to stay humble, and that's quite rare these days.

November 14, 2013

Hyde Park in Autumn

Hyde Park is extremely beautiful all year round, but especially so in the Autumn, when everything glows red and yellow in the sunshine. And boy has London had some serious Autumn sunshine! Each time the sun has been out, I've tried my utmost best to try and make it outside. These days don't come around often at this time of the year, so every morning I open the curtains and the sun pours in, I smile :) We're being truly blessed with beautiful sunny mornings. It's still freezing cold, and by that I mean somewhere between 6 and 10 degrees Celsius, more or less, but having the sun out with clear skies and no rain is a reason to go outside and enjoy the sun. Even if you have to do it in boots and gloves.

Back to Hyde Park - It's one of those parks where spending the whole day there, is not difficult at all. This park is huge! I never seem to even get close to covering the entire park in one visit, but I think spending the whole day will have to be done in the summer, without a doubt. It's just too cold at the moment.

I tried my best to capture the glory that is Hyde Park in the Autumn, but I doubt I even came close. These shots were taken over two seperate days.

November 8, 2013

Coffee dates and The Liberty of Norton Folgate

Being able to meet my husband in the middle of the week for lunch or even just a coffee, with his busy schedule, is something I treasure. I do feel blessed to be able to do this sometimes. 

On Monday he took me to The Liberty of Norton Folgate, which is very close to his workplace, for coffee. The coffee is really very good, and would highly recommend. It's a long narrow coffee shop, but lots of light, thanks to the floor to ceiling windows, making this perfect for photography of course and catching "that light".

I also quite enjoy that they have coffee plants growing on each table. A nice touch.

November 7, 2013

Streets of London: Millennium Bridge

Or as I like to call it, the "Harry Potter" bridge.

Just a few shots I took the other day while walking over the bridge. Even though it looks quite sunny, it was actually only 8 degrees that day.. so pretty chilly!

October 29, 2013

Last few random shots of Amsterdam

Just a few random shots I thought I would share.

Loved the cheese tasting...

October 22, 2013


Autumn - the season of red and orange landscapes, rain, boots, trench coats, knitwear, scarves, warm drinks, pumpkins, tartan and halloween.

My favourite season, without a doubt.

Here is some autumn inspiration for you...

October 14, 2013

Amsterdam Part 5: Headfirst Coffee

Headfirst Coffee was definitely the coolest, trendiest and modern coffee shop of the bunch. They share the space with another company called Harvest & Co that sells all sorts of vintage furniture and accessories and it turns the place into a rather one of kind space with a rustic and modern feel at the same time. It looked like something you would see in one of those lifestyle magazines.

As we went during the early afternoon, the shop was quite light and airy, but also quite inviting. The staff were super friendly and the coffee was so good, I wanted another cup (but I restrained myself).

I swear this is my last coffee in Amsterdam post! So hopefully, my posts would have given you some options, if you find yourself in Amsterdam and you love coffee. Let me know if you have any other recommendations, on the off chance I find myself back there... I hope.