November 8, 2012

The last few bits of Autumn

Autumn has always been my favourite season, but Cape Town has never had the typically beautiful Autumn coloured landscapes, save for a forest or two. Now that I've moved to London, I have finally been able to enjoy the beauty of Autumn that I've always dreamed about(see a shot I took here on Flickr).

This year, however, I missed the heart of Autumn, due to being in Cape Town at the time, which broke my heart (just a little) when I realised that London already feels like Winter and I probably missed the golds and reds in all its glory.

So even though I went out in the 7 degree weather(yes winter is approaching real fast!) in non-mud proof boots, I managed to take a few shots of the last of Autumn I could find. I also took a few on my iPhone, but eventually my fingertips went numb, so I thought it better to go have some Starbucks instead. I think I need those gloves for use on electronic devices. Yes I do.

November 1, 2012

A little iPhoneography

Some iPhone shots of the new Green Point Urban Park. I was quite impressed... its beautiful.