July 9, 2012


Starbucks in Brushfield Street was recently refurbished and at first I was a little unsettled, as I loved the cosiness of it and the many many couches it had. I didnt want the many couches to be removed! The windows were the typical London vintage and the decor was quaint. It was cosy and studious at the same time with countless corporates and students in and out, sometimes choosing to sit there for at least 2 hours doing work or having informal meetings.

Well, when I popped in 2 weeks ago, I was pleasantly surprised to see that, although its modernised and chic with a few less lounging areas, it has managed to keep its charm. I actually prefer the new decor so much more and they've even added a third floor of seating :)

Here are a few shots I took. There was too much artificial light at the counter, which caused harsh glare, but these are the few without.

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